About Norbert

In a utopian future, our health will be monitored continuously by ambient sensors that will finely understand our vital signs, detect nearly invisible health issues, and predict problems before they occur so that we can prevent them from happening at all.

At Norbert, we are building the device and technology that will this future possible. We are making the world’s first home medical pod that monitors the health of people without contact, using wireless and vision-based sensing technologies, to detect but also predict health issues before they occur.

Our first target is the aging-in-the-home market. No wearables, no buttons to push, no sensor to touch, no interaction required, our propuct is the solution that will disrupt this already big and growing market.

Our founders and our team are uniquely positioned to deliver. Alex is a pioneer and repeat entrepreneur in computer vision and machine learning, started, grew and exited to venture backed startups in the field. Silvio is a veteran of the health business - he ran machine learning and data intelligence at Cigna through their subisidiary Evenorth, after being VP engineering at WeWork.

We are venture backed by top tier VCs, headquartered in Brooklyn with offices in Paris, France.

Come join us to build the future of ambient, predictive health, saving lives and making people live longer and happier, at home.

The position

We are currently building the core of our tech team. We are looking for our lead deep learning engineer to spearhead the development of our groundbreaking sensing technology.

What you will do:

  • develop deep & machine learning methods on complex high dimensional signals
  • build validation data sets and protocols to optimize and validate our predictive abilities
  • stay on top of academic research to identify methods we should integrate
  • be a strong contributor to the code base
  • design the architecture of this part of the code stack
  • contribute to building a strong tech culture

What we look for:

  • Master's or PhD degree in Machine learning / Computer vision
  • 3+ years experience building custom-made deep networks for specific applications
  • Strong coding skills in Python / C++
  • Bonus:
    • Experience with sensor data fusion (RGB, IR, Radar)
    • Experience with 4D+ signals (video, volumetric data etc.)

What we offer:

  • Strong independence and decision making
  • Cutting edge technology and getting more so
  • Ties with the academic community, conferences
  • A talented, excellent, diverse and international team
  • A very ambitious and mission-driven vision
  • Friendly, fun, transparent culture
  • Strong incentive in the company’s future
  • Attractive equity package
  • Trips to our NYC office
  • Visa sponsorship possible after a year